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Superbowl Odds Keys to Winning at Sports Gambling

Superbowl odds consist of many factors but the biggest Superbowl betting factor of all is public perception.

Superbowl odds are market driven and based on the Superbowl betting public’s desire for commodities listed on the board.  The first key to success against the Superbowl odds is to think for yourself.

If you base your Superbowl odds wagering activities based on the hype machine for the game, you will likely be broke in no time not only against the Superbowl odds but in all sports wagering activities.

If the morons on ESPN and talk radio were really all that brilliant, there would be no Superbowl odds posted as online sportsbooks are not in the charity business.  Those who are able to have an independent mind and judgment when evaluating the Superbowl betting line have the best chance for success.

Next, consider the underdog first when looking over the Superbowl odds.  The underdog has beaten the Superbowl odds in five of the last seven matchups.  Keep in mind that when you are evaluating the Superbowl odds you have your choice of not one but TWO championship teams.

Also keep in mind that the favorite often takes on a life of its own against the Superbowl odds and the price often is far greater than it should be based on that aforementioned hype machine of the media.  Many average gamblers get bullied and intimidated into playing the chalk.

Last year, by the end of the two weeks of Superbowl betting hype, the New York Giants were written off as having no chance against the Superbowl odds and New England Patriots, yet we all remember that it was the Giants holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end.

Another smart move when handicapping the big game is to consider the over/under totals.  The last four superbowls have gone under the total and a lot of that is also based on media hype as the public hears about all of these great offensive players and gets caught up into expecting a high scoring game.

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