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Superbowl Gambling Steeler Totals at Sports Gambling

Superbowl gambling on the over/under this year may surprise Steeler fans as Super Bowl wagering on the under is not a sure thing.

Superbowl gambling often ends up with surprising value.  This appears to be the case when evaluating the Super Bowl wagering total.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have the Superbowl gambling reputation as a defensive powerhouse.

Pittsburgh deservedly earned this Super Bowl wagering reputation with the number one ranking in defense for the entire National Football League.  The great Superbowl gambling irony of this, however, is that the Steelers do not necessarily mean to be a Super Bowl wagering under team.

The Steelers enter Superbowl gambling action having gone over the total in 10 out of 18 games, including three of their last four and both of their playoff games.

While the over/under NFL Super Bowl odds may look like an under these trends prove that Pittsburgh has been over-valued as an under team en route to the Superbowl gambling showdown with the Arizona Cardinals.

Another factor that must be taken into account with the over/under NFL Super Bowl odds is that Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is regaining his form after a tough season.  Roethlisberger has rekindled Superbowl gambling belief in him and the Steeler offense based on a strong playoff performance.

The Steelers enter Superbowl gambling action with a 16th ranked passing attack that is on an upward trend.  Another Superbowl gambling fact of life when considering the total is that the Steelers defense, good as it is, will likely spot the Cardinals powerful offense points.

To expect Superbowl gambling this year to be on a low scoring game would be quite a reach.  Beyond all of that also keep in mind that Superbowl gambling is the ultimate hype machine.  It is spin and it is a constant barrage of information that tends to drive the board value artificially be it the side or the total.

This also happens in the playoffs.  A great example would be the AFC title game that Pittsburgh won over Baltimore that was sold as a primitive grind out game of defense.  The game went OVER the total! is your home for Super Bowl action, so open an account now!