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Superbowl Gambling Matchup Overview at Sports Gambling

Superbowl gambling will have one of the most interesting choices ever in Pittsburgh or Arizona. This game is a Super Bowl wagering dream!

Superbowl gambling handicappers can go with the traditional Steelers or the new age Cardinals.  Super Bowl wagering fans have good cases on both sides.  Superbowl gambling and the Pittsburgh Steelers go hand in hand for well over a generation plus.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the ultimate “old school” Super Bowl wagering proposition featuring a powerhouse defense that was ranked number one in the National Football League and is a proud descendent from the glory years of the Steel Curtain defenses in Pittsburgh that produced four Superbowl gambling wins in the 1970’s.

There can be no greater Super Bowl wagering contrast than the Arizona Cardinals who have the ultimate in high flying offensive power that marks the new era of Superbowl gambling.  Kurt Warner passed for an unbelievable number of close to 4600 yards and threw to a trio of receivers that had over 1000 yards.

This is something that is definitely going to be built into the NFL Super Bowl odds.  The coaching styles are quite different as well.  Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh is from the old school and the Steelers will reflect his style on the Superbowl gambling board.

Ken Whisenhunt of the Cardinals is a former Steeler assistant who has done what was considered impossible in posting the Cardinals on the NFL Super Bowl odds board.  Now Superbowl gambling handicappers have to decide on defense over offense.

Usually in Superbowl gambling the defense is the right choice to make but football is in a new era and a high tech age that fits Arizona perfectly.   The Cardinals have enough offensive firepower to be one of the most dangerous and live dogs in Superbowl gambling history.

When Superbowl gambling never take anything for granted as there have been numerous times in which the sure thing failed to happen and the Superbowl gambling possibility that nobody could see ended up blindsiding everyone.  For the Steelers and Cardinals it’s the ultimate contrast!

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