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Superbowl Gambling Arizona Totals at Sports Gambling

Superbowl gambling on the over under this year is like choosing the side in that it’s the ultimate Super Bowl wagering contrast.

Superbowl gambling on the under means banking on the Steeler defense.  Super Bowl wagering on the over means banking on the Cardinal offense.  The Arizona Cardinals enter Superbowl gambling action having gone over the total in 13 out of 19 games in both regular and post season combined.

The Cardinals have strong “over” momentum heading into Super Bowl wagering action as they have posted overs in five of their last six games including two out of three in the post season in route to the Superbowl gambling board.  Not once in their road to the Super Bowl wagering board did the Cardinals post consecutive unders this season.

Keep in mind that Arizona ranked 32nd on rushing offense, which means they are not good at eating up the clock.  The Cardinals 18th ranked defense would also seem to be a Superbowl gambling “tell” that would indicate that this game has a good shot of going over the total.

The over/under NFL Super Bowl odds will factor in Arizona’s 22nd ranked pass defense that Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would stand a good chance of lighting up.  Even in the Superbowl gambling playoffs the Cardinals allowed more than 20 points in two out of three games.

The NFL Super Bowl odds for the over/under also will most assuredly take into account the Superbowl gambling public’s view that the Cardinals are a strong over team based on both sides of the ball.  While most Superbowl gambling handicappers tend to look first at the over due to hype, the Superbowl gambling trend lately has been for the under.

Superbowl gambling usually includes two good defensive teams, or at least one great one, factored in with careful and conservative play calling that often will keep the score below the total.  Championship games in nearly all sports have a good shot to go under the total as they are often crisply played games that emphasize the basics. has all of your Superbowl gambling needs so open an account today!