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Superbowl Betting Tells at Sports Gambling

Superbowl betting is far less complicated than the media hype machine makes it out to be. There are just a few musts to beat the Superbowl odds.

Superbowl betting comes down to finding a team that has excellent defense, kicking, and a strong quarterback.  Teams with all three of these factors do well against the Superbowl odds.  Such tells go a long way towards demonstrating the utter lack of Superbowl betting responsibility of those who loaded up on the New England Patriots last year against the Superbowl odds and New York Giants.

The Giants had all three key Superbowl betting elements in a strong defense, good kicking game, and a super quarterback in Eli Manning.  The Superbowl odds of Giants +13.5 were a huge bargain.

Yet the Superbowl betting public rushed to throw away their money on the Patriots because of the media hype machine, which had nothing to offer in the way of fundamental Superbowl betting checkpoints.

Another massive Superbowl betting upset involving the New England Patriots occurred when they were 14-point dogs against the St. Louis Rams.  While the Superbowl betting hype machine kept touting the Rams prolific offense the Patriots were a solid defensive team and had a superior kicking game.

The Rams defense was suspect and play calling often erratic.  The two touchdowns offered on the Superbowl betting board were a gift to a handicapper that checked his basic fundamentals as New England proved in their 20-17 win and cover.

One of the great lessons that comes from Superbowl betting is that big dogs are often the most dangerous.  In a league such as the NFL with its emphasis on parity, a team getting 10 points or more always merits the first look when handicapping the Superbowl.

In fact, the double digit favorite has failed to cover the last five consecutive times in Superbowl betting action.  Even single digit dogs have done well in recent superbowl action.  Overall the underdog has gotten the cash in 5 of the last 7 superbowls.

In all cases they had the defense; quarterback and kicking to get it done and a good handicapper could have seen that. is your superbowl home, so open an account now and start your betting!