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Superbowl Betting Success Comes From Surprises at Sports Gambling

Superbowl betting rarely goes to form. Last year was a classic example of how not to bet the Superbowl odds.

Superbowl betting conventional “wisdom” last year was that New England could not be stopped and would cover the Superbowl odds to complete their perfect season.  Last year was just one of many Superbowl betting shockers.

In fact, shocking upsets against the Superbowl odds are as old as the game itself.  In January 1969 the New York Jets were considered to be an even bigger Superbowl betting impossibility than the Giants were against the Patriots.  Joe Namath’s Jets were 18-point dogs against the Superbowl odds and powerhouse Baltimore Colts.

But in a Superbowl betting lesson that nobody should ever forget the Jets beat the Colts 16-7.  The very next year the Kansas City Chiefs were 12-point Superbowl betting dogs against another team that was considered invincible, the Minnesota Vikings.  Yet the Chiefs dominated en route to a 23-7 Superbowl betting win and cover.

In the cases of the Jets and Chiefs the Superbowl betting lessons carry to this very day.  Namath was the superior quarterback for the Jets against the Colts and the Jets had a strong defense that any responsible Superbowl betting handicapper could have discovered.

It was the same with the Chiefs as Len Dawson was far superior to the Viking quarterback Joe Kapp and the Chiefs defense was a Superbowl betting powerhouse.  In more recent years the Superbowl betting shockers have been common.

New England, in fact, began their dynasty as one of the biggest Superbowl dogs ever, (+14) in their 20-17 win over the St. Louis Rams to win the 2002 Super Bowl.  Once again, hype trumped serious handicapping as there were several clues that anyone could have uncovered without much difficulty regarding the defensive abilities of the Patriots.

Many good gamblers will recall last year when the Giants almost upset the Patriots in the final weekend of the regular season. Yet many in the public chose to ignore that and make the overlay with the Pats.  The great lesson of all of these games is ultimately that the louder the hype on one side, the better to give the other side a strong study and look.

Any team with defense, kicking, and a good quarterback makes for a dangerous dog.

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