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Superbowl Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

Superbowl betting odds have been in existence since 1966 when the first Super Bowl was played.

Super Bowl odds have ranged from as high as 18 points down to a single point. Superbowl betting odds are always exciting to wager on and to follow. Superbowl betting odds have been pretty high in recent games including last year when the Patriots were a 12 point favorite against the New York Giants.

The Super Bowl odds didn’t matter though, as the Giants won the game outright 17-14. It used to be that Super Bowls were blowouts but four of the last seven games have been decided by just three points each as Super Bowl odds history shows. The average margin of victory in Superbowl betting odds is still high but it is getting lower.

Superbowl betting odds were not always so heavily wagered on. The first Super Bowl between the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs was not a big deal. The game was not even a sellout which tells you how far the game has come since 1966. History has sure changed in Superbowl betting odds.

Sometimes that history is even a bit confusing. Since the NFL season carries over from one year to the next with the playoffs you have the season’s champion playing in the Super Bowl the following February. That means the New York Giants won in Superbowl betting odds in 2008 but that victory refers to the 2007 regular season.

The highest favorite in Superbowl betting odds was in Super Bowl 29 when the 49ers blew out the San Diego Chargers as 18 point favorites. The lowest Superbowl betting odds were back in Super Bowl V when Dallas lost as a one point choice against the Baltimore Colts. Super Bowl odds give you a number of great choices every year.

You can wager on either team, the over or the under, all of those options again for each quarter and for the half. You also have the money line, parlays and teasers.