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Super Bowl Odds & Trends at Sports Gambling

Normally when you know something is going to happen you rarely get value following it but in the Super Bowl odds that is not always the case.

Even with Super Bowl halftime wagers, people like betting the favorite and the over. Surprisingly, favorites and overs have a winning record against the Super Bowl odds. Super Bowl odds are set by oddsmakers who know that the trends lean to the favorite and to the over.

1982 was the first year they really kept track of totals so there is nothing previously to look at before then. Since 1982 the overs are about 60% against the Super Bowl odds. The favorites are not as high, hitting at about 54% against the spread.

The problem for sportsbooks is that the public absolutely loves to bet favorites and more often than not they bet overs for the game and for the Super Bowl halftime. That can be a big problem in the Super Bowl for sportsbooks if both the favorite and the over come in versus the Super Bowl odds.

The public also loves to parlay the favorite and the over so that creates even more problems for the books in terms of Super Bowl odds. It also applies to the Super Bowl halftime, although not as much. Another interesting trend about Super Bowl odds is that the pointspread doesn’t come into play very often.

Usually if you can find the straight up winner of the game you will cover the Super Bowl odds. Once in a while there are exceptions to that rule but over 80% of the time the team that won the game also covered the Super Bowl odds. Last year it happened again as the Giants not only covered the Super Bowl odds, but won the game outright.

If you happen to like the underdog in the game this year remember to play them on the money line as well. That means if the dog covers they will win versus the Super Bowl odds. The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year and is really separate from the regular season.

You can throw out most of the regular season numbers because the Super Bowl is different and that applies to Super Bowl halftime odds as well.

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