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Super Bowl Odds - Profile of a Champion

Super Bowl odds handicappers looking for Super Bowl betting clues can find them in the characteristics of most of the past champions of this heralded event.

Super Bowl odds are consistently beaten by teams like the New England Patriots that have the Super Bowl betting combination of a great defense, great quarterback, and great coach. The New England Patriots success with the Super Bowl odds can be attributed to all of those Super Bowl betting factors.

With Tom Brady, the Patriots had one of the top quarterbacks to ever take the field with the NFL Super Bowl odds.  New England head coach Bill Belichick will be an instant Hall of Famer when his career ends as his success with the Super Bowl odds has made him the “Coach of the Decade.”

Belichick has done what many that handicap the Super Bowl odds considered impossible by building a dynasty in this current era where parity reigns supreme.  Since the 2002 season the Patriots have made the Super Bowl odds board four times and have three rings to their credit.

Ironically enough the year that the Patriots lost to the Super Bowl odds straight up was the year that they had a shot at becoming the first undefeated team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins as they went down in the final moments to the New York Giants.  The Patriots have always brought a top notch defense to the Super Bowl odds.

Belichick is a defensive guru and his expertise has been a major reason why New England has constantly shut down opponents en route to victory with the Super Bowl odds.  The Patriots success has been proven over the years to stand the test of time.

With such a fantastic and consistent combination of the right components of championship football they serve as the model for gamblers looking to find a team that can deliver the goods on Super Sunday.

Other similar champions have had these characteristics but few have been as consistent as the Patriots over the past decade and it will be difficult for future teams to duplicate that “Super” success!