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Super Bowl Odds Overview at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl odds wagering has been one of the biggest days of the year since Super Bowl betting began in January 1967.

Super Bowl odds wagering has evolved from that first game between the Chiefs and Packers as Super Bowl betting has become far more than picking sides.  The Super Bowl odds now include sides, totals, money lines, halves, futures, and props.

The Super Bowl odds posted now days offer something for everyone and action all year long.  You can get futures Super Bowl odds for 2010 nearly moments after this year’s event concludes.  What goes into the Super Bowl odds has not changed much in the forty-two years that the event has taken place.

Just as was the case in the first year of Super Bowl betting, the numbers that you see on the board are based largely on the public perception and likely reaction to the Super Bowl odds.  One of the great myths in Super Bowl betting is that the line is set exactly based on what the odds makers consider the true merits of the teams to be.

The Super Bowl odds reality is that the Super Bowl odds are set to attract action to both sides of the game equally and if that means that the numbers posted on the board are not based on the true merits of the teams but on the public’s desire or lack thereof for the teams then the odds makers have done their job.

Last year was a great example of how the Super Bowl odds really work.  The New England Patriots were 12.5 point favorites against the New York Giants.  This line was set despite a close game between the teams just a few weeks prior in which New England barely won 38-35.

New England also faded down the stretch going 1-7 against the spread despite going 8-0 straight up.  The Patriots were going for an undefeated season, however, and entered the Super Bowl with an 18-0 record.

There was such a public mania about the “perfect season” that the Super Bowl odds became inflated way beyond what they should have been, as proven by the Giants 17-14 upset win. is your home for Super Bowl action, so open an account now!