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Super Bowl Odds Options at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl odds are set for far more than just sides. You can have many different types of Super Bowl betting action.

Super Bowl odds begin the day after the Super Bowl, in fact, as you can have ‘futures’ Super Bowl betting action on the upcoming season.  Super Bowl odds for futures are simply the odds for each team’s chances to win the NEXT YEAR’S Super Bowl.

As you might expect the futures Super Bowl odds usually have the team that just won the championship as the favorite with the other teams that had big years as likely favorites as well.  A good ‘futures’ bet against the Super Bowl odds is to try and find a “sleeper” team that brings good value.

Super Bowl odds are also offered on halves.  You can have Super Bowl betting action on both the first half and then again one the second half as new Super Bowl odds are posted as half time.

Many smart gamblers like to wait for the half time lines before taking part in Super Bowl betting as they can often catch a bargain against the original line for what they really wanted all along.

Over/under Super Bowl odds, also known as “totals”, are when you wager on the combined score of the two teams going over or under the set number posted on the board.  Last year the when the Giants beat the Patriots 17-14, the combined score of 31 went under the Super Bowl odds total of 54.5.

Super Bowl odds “props” are when you wager items ranging from the opening coin toss to which team and or player will score first to how many yards players will have and on and on and on. Props are great fun but also offer great opportunities for savvy gamblers.

For those who don’t want to mess with point spreads and just want to pick the straight up winner there is the money line Super Bowl odds.  This is where a gambler lays odds on the favorite or takes odds on the underdog. is a super place to be for this year’s big game.

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