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Super Bowl Odds - Lessons from Super Bowl I Pertain Today

Super Bowl odds have always posted a unique challenge to Super Bowl gambling handicappers and there were no greater puzzles offered than at the very start.

Super Bowl odds handicappers found that the first Super Bowl gambling matchup may have been the most problematic to figure ever in the history of the event. When the Super Bowl odds were posted in January of 1967 for the first ever Super Bowl gambling matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs there was a lot of trepidation about what to do with many playing the NFL Super Bowl odds.

The first ever matchup with the Super Bowl odds was based on two teams from two different leagues meeting for the first ever time.  Green Bay was from the established National Football League and was a 14-point favorite with the Super Bowl odds based on their domination of the senior circuit heading into their matchup with the Chiefs.

Kansas City was the champion of the upstart rival American Football League, which was only 7 seasons old.  The Chiefs had an impressive offense but their reputation of being from an inferior league made them heavy underdogs with the Super Bowl odds.

Still, despite the reputations of the two teams and leagues there were many solid handicappers who figured that the Chiefs stood a good chance to beat the Super Bowl odds.  This was because of their offense and the fact that they had been so strong in the AFL that season.

Still, handicapping the Super Bowl odds in January of 1967 was very much like a blind date as the two leagues had never competed on the field until this day.  It took nerve to take either side.   The safe bet was with established Green Bay but laying 14 points to a league champion, even from the AFL, was not an easy thing to do.

The Chiefs looked like they might cover the big number as they trailed only 14-10 at the half and were driving at midfield to start the 3rd quarter before a costly interception turned the tide Green Bay’s way as the Packers went on to beat the Super Bowl odds 35-10.

As is the case with Super Bowls this very day, just one play can make the difference between the pay window and a torn ticket!