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Super Bowl Odds - Keys to Check

Super Bowl odds are set on a wide range of betting factors ranging from the abilities of a team to the coaches to the public read on all aspects of the game.

Super Bowl odds should be evaluated with a thorough and sober Super Bowl betting outlook that has no preconceived notions coming in as an open mind can open the way to profit. Success with the Super Bowl odds starts with the recent performance of the two Super Bowl betting commodities involved.

Sure, they were obviously winning games in order to make it to the Super Bowl gambling matchup, but were they winning in a convincing and solid manner or were they “limping in” with the Super Bowl odds?  Along those same lines were the teams on the Super Bowl odds board covering the spread in their recent games leading up to Super Sunday?

A great and stunning example of a team that you would not have wanted to take with the Super Bowl odds would have been the New England Patriots as they entered the 2008 Super Bowl as 14-point favorites with the Super Bowl odds against the New York Giants.

The Patriots entered Super Bowl betting with the hype of being 18-0 straight up and going for the first undefeated season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

What was often ignored by Super Bowl gambling handicappers was the fact that New England entered action with the Super Bowl odds having lost 7 out of their previous 8 games against the spread including BOTH of their playoff games.

The Patriots were a team that was running out of steam and a poor value with the Super Bowl odds as proven in their 14-17 loss to the Giants.  Defense has long been a trait to success with the Super Bowl odds.

As the saying goes, “offense sells tickets and defense wins championships” and looking at the past results with the Super Bowl odds bears that out.  Right behind a solid defense a great quarterback is always a key to having a “Super Sunday.”  Rare is the world champion that got by without a top shelf signal caller.