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Super Bowl Odds - Jets to Give Colts Ultimate Test

Super Bowl odds are going up on the upstart New York Jets who are just one more upset away from being on the Super Bowl betting board for the championship.

Super Bowl odds had the Indianapolis Colts as the prohibitive favorite of the AFC but now the Colts must beat the Jets to make the Super Bowl betting board. The AFC championship game between the Jets and Colts has plenty of intrigue with the Super Bowl odds.

Indianapolis was an undefeated Super Bowl betting commodity at 14-0 before they tanked a game against the Jets in a 15-29 loss as 3-point Super Bowl gambling home favorites on December 27 to forgo a sot at immortality with the Super Bowl odds as the first team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins to go undefeated.

While Indianapolis showed strong with the Super Bowl odds as the number one seed in the AFC and with a 20-3 home playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens the loss to the Jets is still controversial and, worse yet, may have opened up a can of worms with the Super Bowl odds.

By throwing away that game with the Jets, the Colts allowed a dangerous team into the Super Bowl odds post season and now must face an opponent with a top shelf defense, considerable momentum, and the confidence that they can win in Indianapolis.

The Jets are continuing to beat the long Super Bowl odds as the 6th seed in the AFC and have already won playoff games at divisional champions Cincinnati and San Diego.  The Jets are beating the Super Bowl odds with a defense that is ranked best in the league and with a passing attack that is one step from the bottom.

Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez is basically asked to hand the ball off and stay out of the way.  The Jets rushing attack, let by Thomas Jones, is the best in the NFL and that is the perfect compliment to their defense as it keeps opposing teams offenses off the field and feeling pressure when they do get the ball.

The upstart Jets were given quite a Christmas present by the Colts and they may show the ultimate lack of gratitude with an upset win in the AFC title game!