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Super Bowl Odds Expectations at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl odds wagering comes down to expecting the unexpected. If Super Bowl betting went to form it wouldn’t exist.

Super Bowl odds winning is usually not done by following the masses.  Super Bowl betting starts with independent thinking.  The Super Bowl odds will usually carry a NEGATIVE value on the public’s favorite choice.

You will get ADDED Super Bowl betting value by going against the majority.  To put it another way the oddsmakers will give you better and increased Super Bowl odds by taking the less popular team than you otherwise would get.

This means that you are getting more than the actual Super Bowl betting merits would normally call for because the sportsbooks want equal Super Bowl odds action on both sides of the game.  Just think back to the recent shockers that have taken place against the Super Bowl odds.

How many times has a “sure thing” blown starting with last year’s New England Patriots disaster against the 12.5-point underdog New York Giants.  Remember the Patriots first Super Bowl championship against the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI?

The Rams were whopping 14-point chalks against the Super Bowl odds and were considered a lock.  That game began the Patriot dynasty with New England’s upset win of 20-17.  Another shocker in Super Bowl odds history was Super Bowl XXXII when the Green Bay Packers were 11-point chalks.

Nobody gave the Denver Broncos a chance against the Super Bowl odds but Denver upset the Pack 31-24 in another “impossible” result.  Those who handicapped the game realized, however, that Green Bay had a weak run defense and Denver was a perfect team to exploit that, which they did.

These are great Super Bowl odds lessons that should never be forgotten as the minute that you think that there is a sure thing in the Super Bowl, you should think again.  History shows that the Super Bowl odds are not for those who think inside the box.  If you cannot fathom a surprise, you are likely to be surprised, and short of cash in the end!

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