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Super Bowl Odds - Early Dynasty Lessons

Super Bowl odds have been beaten over the years by a surprising amount of Super Bowl betting dynasties starting with the Green Bay Packers of Vince Lombardi.

Super Bowl odds were beaten easily in the first two games of the series as Super Bowl betting fans saw a team that dominated with complete superiority. What is amazing about the Packers success in January of 1967 and 1968 with the Super Bowl odds is that the characteristics they had in Super Bowl betting success still hold as the standard to what those betting the NFL Super Bowl odds want out of a team today!

The Packers had a Hall of Fame quarterback in Bart Starr, a defense that was rock solid and loaded with Hall of Fame players, and the coach that the Trophy of the Super Bowl odds winner is named after; Vince Lombardi.

Well before the success of the New England Patriots with the Super Bowl odds the Packers demonstrated to all what you want from a team on the board on Super Sunday.  The Next Dynasty that emerged with the Super Bowl odds was with the 1972 and 1973 Miami Dolphins.

As was the case with the Packers the Dolphins had a Hall of Fame quarterback in Bob Griese.   They also had the famed “No Name Defense” that was the best in the game and a major factor in their success with the Super Bowl odds.

Hall of Fame coach Don Shula was the winningest coach in NFL history and the architect of this dynasty of the Super Bowl odds.  Miami actually lost their first Super Bowl in January of 1972 before beating Washington to complete an undefeated season the following year and then they got their repeat in January of 1974 against Minnesota.

The Pittsburgh Steelers next emerged with the most impressive dynasty ever with the Super Bowl odds as they won world titles in the 1974 and 1975 seasons and then came back to win it again in 1978 and 1979.

Again, they had the same characteristics as Green Bay and Miami with a Hall of Fame quarterback in Terry Bradshaw, the famed and feared “Steel Curtain” defense, and a Hall of Fame coach in Chuck Noll.  These early dynasties prove that as much as things may change the characteristics of champions stay the same!