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Super Bowl Odds - Decade of Dogs

Super Bowl odds used to be best played with the favorite but in this most recent decade of Super Bowl gambling action the underdog has been the best way to go.

Super Bowl odds have been beaten by serious underdogs throughout the history of Super Bowl gambling but this decade has seen that be taken to an entirely new level. The New York Giants stunning win with the Super Bowl odds against the New England Patriots in February 2008 in which they ruined the Patriots bid for a perfect and undefeated season is the most recent Super Bowl gambling example of an underdog with huge bite in the past decade.

But there have been some other highly impressive and stunning wins over the NFL Super Bowl odds but underdogs in the past 10 years.  Just last year the Arizona Cardinals beat the Super Bowl odds in their 23-27 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers as 7-point underdogs in which they led into the final moments.

It could be argued that the team of the decade, the New England Patriots, began the trend of Super upsets with the Super Bowl odds this decade as they pulled off one of the biggest shockers in February of 2002.

The Patriots were 14-point dogs with the Super Bowl odds against the St. Louis Rams and scored a shocking 20-17 win to begin their dynasty.  Although the Patriots have been on both ends of shockers this decade with the Super Bowl odds there have been other incredible upsets.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were 4-point dogs against the Oakland Raiders with the Super Bowl odds in February 2003 and proved that the wrong team was favored with a 48-21 blowout win.  Both the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles had near misses with the Super Bowl odds against the Patriots the past decade.

Carolina scored a 29-32 loss to New England but got the cash as 7-point dogs in 2004 and then the following year the Eagles also lost to New England as 7-point dogs 21-24 but covered with little problem.  This decade has proven that the points are the power on Super Sunday!