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Super Bowl Odds Chalk Board at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl odds often have big favorites posted that appeal to the hype and the Super Bowl betting public’s feeding on that hype.

Super Bowl odds through the years have often sucked the Super Bowl betting public into making big mistakes by making overlays on the chalk.  The Super Bowl may be entering its 43rd year of existence but the lessons of the Super Bowl odds dating back to the early years carry through to this day.

The underdog covered the Super Bowl odds in four of the first seven games in the history of the event.  Two of those underdogs against the Super Bowl odds were enormous.  The New York Jets beat Baltimore 16-7 as 18 point dogs against the Super Bowl odds.

Just one year later the Kansas City Chiefs manhandled the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 as 13 point Super Bowl betting dogs.

What this shows is that from the beginning the Super Bowl odds have not always been based on the actual abilities and merits of the teams and that smart Super Bowl betting handicappers could get great value by ignoring the ignorance and hype of the media.

One of the strangest Super Bowl odds ever posted was when Washington was a 2 point favorite over the undefeated Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII.  That was quite the opposite Super Bowl odds story of when the New England Patriots were undefeated and 12.5 point chalks against the New York Giants last year.

Miami beat Washington 14-7 to cover the Super Bowl odds and complete the only perfect season in the Super Bowl era.  There have been times, however, when the Super Bowl odds seemingly were not big enough.

The 1985 Chicago Bears blew out the Patriots 46-10 as 10 point chalks in Super Bowl XX in a game that was basically over in the first quarter.  The San Francisco 49ers did even better in Super Bowl XXIV as they decimated the Denver Broncos 55-10 as 11.5 point chalks.

But the great upsets certainly should remind gamblers that the greatest lesson that the Super Bowl has given us all is that there are no “sure things” or “locks”.  Just ask last year’s Patriot backers about that! is a “sure thing” as your ultimate home for action in all sports.

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