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Superbowl Odds and Ends at Sports Gambling

Superbowl odds are offered on far more than the pointspread sides. One of the joys of superbowl betting are all of the options on the board.

Superbowl odds are offered on the total, also known as the over/under.  Then there are the famous superbowl betting “props”.  Proposition superbowl odds, referred to as “props” are one of the highlights of the day.

The superbowl betting public cannot get enough “props” and the sportsbooks have really gotten creative with additional superbowl odds props to feed the superbowl betting public’s demand.  Superbowl odds props used to be just on which team would score first or which player would rush for the most yards.

The superbowl odds props might also include which quarterback would throw for more yards, or which receiver would make the most catches or score the most touchdowns.  But now superbowl odds props have been taken to the next level and include about every question imaginable starting with the opening coin toss.

Over/under superbowl odds wagering has become increasingly popular through the years.  In fact totals superbowl odds wagering is now pretty much a given for most players and most gamblers will parlay their side super bowl bet with an over under selection.

Just as is the case with the side superbowl odds, wagering on the over under requires a good read on the actual merits and values of the two teams in the game.  The Super Bowl has trended under the past four straight games.  A lot of this can be attributed to the hype of the game which tends to focus on the offensive players.

Such hype feeds into a mentality of the media and public that the games will be high scoring affairs, which is often NOT the case at all.  One of the great examples of over/under superbowl odds being inflated because of public and media hype would be the games that included the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams were an incredible scoring machine known as the “Greatest Show on Turf” and yet they went under in both of their Super Bowl appearances.  This is a great example of how the public got sucked into a poor value bet based on hype.  Don’t miss all of the Super Bowl action.

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