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Super Bowl Odds - A Chief Reminder

Super Bowl odds had the Minnesota Vikings listed as a 14-point Super Bowl betting favorite against the Kansas City Chiefs in January of 1970.

Super Bowl odds handicappers still couldn’t get past the Super Bowl betting hype that said the NFL Vikings played in a far superior league to the AFL Chiefs. Despite the fact that the AFL’s New York Jets beat the Super Bowl odds the previous season as 18-point Super Bowl betting dogs against the Baltimore Colts gamblers still couldn’t wait to lay the big NFL Super Bowl odds on Minnesota.

Super Bowl IV proved to be one of the great handicapping lessons of all time for those betting the Super Bowl odds as the clues were numerous, obvious, and yet ignored.  The Kansas City Chiefs were 11-3 and entered action against the Super Bowl odds having won playoff road games at the defending world champions Jets and at the team that was considered the best in the AFL; the Oakland Raiders.

Kansas City held both of those powerful championship teams to only 7 points in each game.  The Chiefs had far and away the most dominant defense in the AFL, a kicking team that was decades ahead of its time, and an explosive offense that could beat the Super Bowl odds in many different ways.

The Minnesota Vikings were 12-2 and dominant in the NFL.  Yet their quarterback, Joe Kapp, was nowhere near the equal of Kansas City’s Len Dawson.  Their running attack was plodding and had nowhere near the numbers of Kansas City’s unit.  Their defense was arguably equal, but certainly not better.

Despite all of that the Vikings were considered to be a forgone conclusion to beat the Super Bowl odds with ease.  Kansas City dominated the game and beat the Super Bowl odds 23-7 in a rout.  The Chiefs proved the worth of independent handicapping with the Super Bowl odds as the 12 points was a gift and the wrong team was favored.

To those who did their homework and just looked at obvious clues it was an obvious read to take the points.  This game demonstrates the importance of relying on basic facts and fundamentals rather than the media hype in order to get paid on Super Sunday.

The lessons from Super Bowl IV still apply today as the media hype has only grown in the past 40 years to where many gamblers cannot bring themselves to oppose it, even when it’s a steal to do so!