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Super Bowl Gambling - Defense Holds Keys

Super Bowl gambling success often comes down to defense and that was again the case last season when the Steelers were posted with the Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl gambling saw Pittsburgh enter action with the Super Bowl odds as the number one ranked defense in the NFL and their defense was the difference in the game. In the history of Super Bowl gambling defense has most often been the reason that a team beats the Super Bowl odds.

As important as a good quarterback and high scoring offense is with the odds to win Super Bowl a strong defense is the ultimate asset.

In the 2007 Super Bowl gambling matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants the Patriots ranked 4th overall in the NFL for total defense while the Giants entered action with the Super Bowl odds ranked 8th for total defense.

The Indianapolis Colts were an aberration in 2006 as they were the winner with the odds to win Super Bowl despite a defense that entered Super Bowl gambling action ranked 21st in the NFL.

The 2005 season saw the Pittsburgh Steelers win their Super Bowl gambling matchup with the Seattle Seahawks and the Steel Curtain defense ranked 4th overall in the NFL.

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles entered Super Bowl gambling action ranked 9th and 10th respectively for total defense in 2004 as they met in that year’s game.  In the prior year’s Super Bowl gambling matchup for the 2003 season the Patriots again had the defensive edge.

New England entered Super Bowl gambling action that year with the 7th ranked defense while the Carolina Panthers had the 8th ranked defense for their Super Bowl gambling appearance against the Pats.

In fact, you can go back to the earliest days of Super Bowl gambling and find that defense is what carried the Green Bay Packers in their first two Super Bowl wins.  The New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl’s III and IV with stout defenses that were ranked among the best.

Always begin your Super Bowl prep with a glance at the defensive stats for a solid clue as to which team will prevail!