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Super Bowl Gambling - A Giant Lesson

Super Bowl gambling fans will never forget the 2008 classic of this series when the New York Giants beat the Super Bowl odds as 13.5-point dogs against New England.

Super Bowl gambling hype that year was all about the Patriots going undefeated and this made them incredible “can’t miss” chalks with the Super Bowl odds. There should have been several Super Bowl gambling clues to rational handicappers that would have put them on the side of the Giants in this matchup with the Super Bowl odds, but the media hype was so loud on the Patriots that New York was given ZERO chance by the general public with the odds to win Super Bowl XLII.

The First Super Bowl gambling tell should have been the most obvious of all and yet it was overlooked by the majority of people betting the Super Bowl odds.

The Giants were 13.5-point dogs on the odds to win Super Bowl XLII despite the fact that they nearly upset New England in the final regular season game of that year in a 35-38 loss as 13-point dogs.  Why this got less Super Bowl gambling attention than it did is one of the great lessons of handicapping for Super Sunday.

Another alarming Super Bowl gambling trend was that the Patriots did not cover either of their playoff games heading into Super Sunday.  In fact, New England entered Super Bowl gambling action with an astounding 1-7 mark against the spread in the 8 games leading up to the Super Bowl.

This was a clear Super Bowl gambling warning that the Patriots were a consistent overlay and not offering any Super Bowl gambling value to fans.

The Super Bowl gambling clues didn’t end there, however.  The Giants covered all three of their playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl and had, in fact, beaten the spread in 7 out of their previous 8 games leading up to Super Sunday.

With all of these obvious Super Bowl gambling tells the public money was still on the Patriots as the hype regarding their undefeated season simply took a life of its own.

The Giants scored an easy payout in their epic 17-14 upset win that should live forever as a lesson for gamblers about ignoring such obvious evidence that the dog was not only going to bark but bite…HARD!