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Super Bowl Betting - Modern Classic Lessons

Super Bowl betting fans saw a breathtaking comeback win by Pittsburgh last year as they scored a last second 27-23 win over Arizona but failed to cover the odds.

Super Bowl betting fans flocked to the Steelers before that game as they were a 6.5-point favorite with the NFL Super Bowl Odds. Many recent Super Bowls have also been close.  Super Bowl betting fans saw a shocker that nobody will ever forget in the previous year as the New England Patriots failed to cap off the first undefeated season in the NFL since 1972 when the failed to beat the NFL Super Bowl Odds in a 17-14 Super Bowl gambling loss to the New York Giants as 14-point dogs.

This was arguably the biggest Super Bowl betting upset of all time since Super Bowl III when the Jets stunned the Colts.  The Giants were given no chance to win yet did.  New England has their own place in Super Bowl betting history for a stunning upset win as they defeated the St. Louis Rams 20-17 as 14-point Super Bowl betting underdogs.

Adam Vinatieri capped off a phenomenal Super Bowl shocker with a late field goal for the win.  The Rams were touted as a certain winner with an unstoppable offense.  Yet they were stopped!

The Denver Broncos were another huge dog that was given no chance and yet beat the Super Bowl betting board as a 12-point dog against the Green Bay Packers in a 31-24 upset win that was completely unexpected.  Green Bay played as if they couldn’t fathom losing. Yet they did.

Through recent Super Bowl betting history the lesson has been to expect the unexpected as shockers are more and more the norm on Super Sunday.  New Super Bowl betting stars continue to emerge out of nowhere with the un-likeliest heroes getting the cash for lucky gamblers.

Super Bowl handicapping has always been a challenge of overcoming hype and thinking for one’s self.  Recent history shows us that you simply cannot count on conventional “wisdom” and that you would actually be wise to oppose it whenever possible.

The dog has gotten the money in 6 out of the last 8 Super Bowls and that goes to show that wherever the hype goes, so do the lost dollars!