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Super Bowl Betting Mistakes at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl betting is as much about avoiding common mistakes as it is about knowing the right side of the Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl betting is most often done with the “help” of the media hype machine.  And that is why most gamblers fail to beat the Super Bowl odds.  Failure to break away and think independently is the biggest and most common Super Bowl betting mistake that is made year after year.

The first step towards beating the Super Bowl odds therefore is to force yourself to at least consider the opposite side of the hype.

No matter how difficult it is to consider the less hyped side rest assured with the knowledge that you will have a decided Super Bowl betting advantage by doing so as you will be getting value-added Super Bowl odds, which means that you will be getting a better pointspread number than is merited.

The next Super Bowl betting mistake that is often made is the tendency of gamblers to always look behind rather than ahead.

Past champions or teams that have been constant Super Bowl betting contenders always get the favor of the public, with poor results because the Super Bowl betting odds makers will inflate the line on such teams knowing that they attract significant public money as the familiar side.  Conventional thinking is yet another Super Bowl betting mistake.

The Super Bowl rarely goes to form, just as the regular NFL season rarely does either.  Yet far too many Super Bowl betting fans will get sucked into the conventional “wisdom” of which there is very little in the actual “wisdom” department.

To put this another way there is far too much along the lines of expecting the expected rather than the unexpected.  Yet another Super Bowl betting mistake is to always bet the game over the total.  The offensive players grab most of the hype from the media but the teams that make the Super Bowl generally have strong defenses.

Beyond that, championship games in any sport tend to be more conservative and defensive than the regular season.  Yet because of the ridiculous amount of hype from the media, the game ends up being sold as a shootout and the public tends to buy right into that. is the champion of Super Bowl betting, open an account with us now!