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Super Bowl Betting - Learn From Losers

Super Bowl betting has seen its share of teams that were known for not being able to win the big one as perennial losers with the NFL Super Bowl Odds.

Super Bowl betting saw the Minnesota Vikings of the 1970’s become the first team with the bad reputation for continually failing with the NFL Super Bowl Odds. The Denver Broncos of the 1980’s were another well known Super Bowl betting failure who could impress those betting the NFL Super Bowl Odds all the way until it was time for Super Bowl gambling.

Perhaps no team in Super Bowl betting history will ever match the Buffalo Bills of the 1990’s for ineptitude.  Buffalo set a Super Bowl betting record for losing in four consecutive years.  In each of these Super Bowl betting cases there were clues that we could draw from and to be mindful of in the future.

Minnesota lost Super Bowl IV to the Kansas City Chiefs and suffered Super Bowl betting losses to the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII, Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX and the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI.  In all three cases the Vikings had the lesser defense.

That is not to say Minnesota had a bad defense but in no way could their defense matchup with the Super Bowl betting defensive powers from Kansas City, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Oakland.

The same could be said for the Denver Broncos, who were outclassed badly in Super Bowl betting losses to the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers.  In both cases the Broncos were weak defensively and could not at all matchup well against those strong offensive teams.

Buffalo had the same problem in those four consecutive losses to the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and back-to-back to the Dallas Cowboys, respectively.  The Giants Redskins and Cowboys each had superior defenses that Buffalo increasingly struggled against through the years.

It is possible for a good team to contend for the Super Bowl on a regular basis but the ultimate thing that will keep them from a big fat Super Ring is a defense that is not as good as their opponents.