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Super Bowl Betting - Ingredients to Success Never Change

Super Bowl betting has seen many changes since the first ever matchup of the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs with the Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl betting may have seen players, coaches, and teams come and go with Super Bowl odds success, but the ingredients to winning have never gone out of style. To those handicapping the Super Bowl betting matchups, the keys to finding a payout with the Super Bowl odds include a Super Bowl gambling team with a top coach, quarterback and defense.

The Green Bay Packers set the Super Bowl betting standard for having those three characteristics when they easily dominated the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders in the first two Super Bowl betting matchups.

Coach Vince Lombardi, quarterback Bart Starr, and their flawless defense were the difference and the edge in providing a Super Bowl betting payout to gamblers.

The Dallas Cowboys next emerged as a multiple Super Bowl betting winner that had it all with coach Tom Landry, quarterback Roger Staubach, and the famed Doomsday Defense in the 1970’s.

The Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the 1970’s with four Super Bowl betting titles as they were led by coach Chuck Noll, quarterback Terry Bradshaw, and the Steel Curtain Defense.  Few teams in the history of Super Bowl betting could boast of such a complete team as the Steelers from this era.

To this day they remain the “Gold Standard” of Super Bowl commodities.  The San Francisco 49ers came on in the 1980’s to become the team that everyone aspired to be.  Few coaches could match the brilliance of Bill Walsh and few quarterbacks could achieve the nerves and precession of Joe Montana.

San Francisco also boasted a defense that was efficient and mistake free, though not dominant.  The 49ers were the perfect organization of the 1980’s.

Jimmy Johnson may have been at Dallas for just 6 seasons but he led the Cowboys to Super Bowl titles in his final two years with an aggressive defense and a quarterback in Troy Aikman that could match Bart Starr in coolness and efficiency.

The Cowboys had all the elements of greatness in the early 1990’s.  No matter what the decade is, a coach, quarterback, and defense can send you to the payout window on Super Sunday!