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Super Bowl Betting - Favre Falls Short of Dream

Super Bowl betting fans thought that this was the year that the Vikings had a true shot at beating the Super Bowl odds with Brett Favre as quarterback.

Super Bowl betting handicappers looked smart when the Vikings made the NFC title game against struggling New Orleans as they looked assured of beating the Super Bowl odds. The Vikings Super Bowl betting dream tuned into a nightmare, however, when Favre reverted back to his old ways by throwing an inexplicable interception in the final moments of regulation time.

The Vikings were close to a long range field goal but a costly 12-man in the huddle penalty pushed them back 5 yards forcing Favre to pass on third down.

The interception is what everyone betting the Super Bowl odds will remember as the veteran gun slinger rolled to his right, threw across his body to the left, and was easily intercepted to end the Super Bowl gambling quest of Minnesota.

What disturbed many Super Bowl betting fans was that Favre was not making those kinds of mistakes during the regular season.  He made the Vikings into a legitimate Super Bowl betting contender by compiling a 107.0 quarterback rating with a 33/7 touchdown to interception ratio.

All Super Bowl betting handicappers were impressed that Favre seemingly quit his old reckless ways.  The Vikings were one of the Super Bowl betting favorites among all of the playoff teams because handicappers bought into the “New Favre” theory that was being sold.

But the Super Bowl betting truth came out in the NFC title game as Favre went back to the future and it didn’t work.  As Favre heads back to Mississippi to drive his tractor he will ponder his future.  It’s become an annual Super Bowl betting ritual as to whether or not old number four will play again.

The Vikings are a young team with plenty of potential and Favre loves to play.  After the emotion subsides he is likely to lace them up for another shot at glory and a Super Bowl.