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Super Bowl Betting - Cowboys Falling Again

Super Bowl betting on the Cowboys has been an exercise in frustration since the mid 1990’s and yet few teams get more dollars with the futures Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl betting on Dallas to beat the Super Bowl odds is one of the most popular futures bets on the board no matter who the coach and or quarterback is. There is a reason that Dallas is known throughout Super Bowl betting as “America’s Team.”

Nobody gets more attention with the Super Bowl odds each year than the Cowboys and in the Wade Phillips era few teams have caused gamblers more frustrations with the NFL Super Bowl odds.  Phillips took over as coach for the 2007 season and did a nice job of getting Dallas into the Super Bowl betting playoffs as the top seed in the NFC.

But Dallas’ lack of discipline became a liability heading into Super Bowl betting action as quarterback Tony Romo spent the bye week before the first playoff game in Mexico on vacation, which sent out the worst possible signal to opponents and his team.

Despite being a Super Bowl betting favorite the Cowboys lost to the eventual champion New York Giants.  Last year was even worse.  Dallas was again a preseason Super Bowl betting favorite and had the NFC East Division title firmly in their grasp before one of the biggest collapses in NFL history.

Dallas died in December and was humiliated both in the final home game ever at Texas Stadium and in the season finale at Philadelphia.  The Cowboys went from a Super Bowl betting favorite to out of the money in just one short month.  This year as they opened new Cowboy Stadium, Dallas was again a Super Bowl betting favorite.

The Cowboys faced their share of skeptics but after Thanksgiving Day when they clobbered Oakland they again appeared to be the team to beat in the NFC East.  Unfortunately they lost the next two games that followed to fall behind Philadelphia in the division race.

Wade Phillips has not shown the ability to mold Dallas into a consistent winner.  His one good quality is being an obedient yes-man for owner Jerry Jones.  Unfortunately that is not an equation for a winning ticket come Super Sunday.