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Super Bowl Betting - Beware of Overlays

Super Bowl betting is not just about the final big game on Super Sunday but also includes all of the action leading up to the final game.

Super Bowl betting has many traps and perils and one of the most dangerous is playing the Super Bowl odds with the favorites. A great Super Bowl betting example of a team not living up to its laurels with the Super Bowl odds this year has been the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were the defending world champions and the preseason favorites to repeat with the NFL Super Bowl odds.

Pittsburgh was a Super Bowl betting disaster for 2009 as they failed to cover 9 out of their first 13 games and had flabbergasting straight up losses to three of the worst teams on the board; the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and Cleveland Browns.

But Pittsburgh is just one of many Super Bowl betting commodities that has proven to be an overlay.  The New England Patriots are just two seasons removed from their undefeated Super Bowl betting run of 2007 that ended with a stunning loss to the New York Giants.

What is often overlooked about New England’s season of 2007 is that they were already exposed as a Super Bowl betting overlay for anyone that was doing his homework.  New England entered Super Bowl betting action against the Giants having failed to cover both of their AFC playoff games.

The Patriots also lost 5 out of their last 6 regular season games against the spread despite being a perfect 18-0 straight up heading into their Super Bowl betting showdown.  Included in that stretch was a failure to get the cash against the Giants just one month prior to Super Sunday.

Yet the hype was so overwhelming in New England’s favor that it became a life onto itself.  Nobody would listen to reason regarding how New England became an overlay that was way overpriced.

A lot of people would listen AFTER the fact, however, when the Patriots lost to the Giants 14-17 as 12.5-point favorites in one of the greatest sports upsets of all time.  Valuable “Super Clues” are always available for Super Bowl handicapping.  It just requires an open mind and open eyes.