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Super Bowl Betting - AFC Surprises

Super Bowl betting for 2009 did not figure to include the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, NY Jets or Jacksonville Jaguars for beating the Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl betting also did not expect to see the epic collapse of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were favored in the preseason to beat the Super Bowl odds. The AFC has had plenty of Super Bowl betting surprises this year and heading into the final stretch there were surprise contenders as well as teams such as Pittsburgh and the Baltimore Ravens who were not meeting the high expectations of the preseason when they were made favorites with the Super Bowl odds.

Rex Ryan has done a great job as head coach of the New York Jets.  In his first season he has put them into position to have a shot at being listed on the NFL Super Bowl odds.  Defense has been the big difference for the Jets this year.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been a forgotten team when it comes to potential teams for Super Bowl betting over the past few years as they have wallowed near the basement of the AFC North Division.

Yet the Bengals had the inside track for a slot in Super Bowl betting as they were beating out their more respected AFC North Division rivals Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  Head coach Marvin Lewis was rumored to be on his way out with another bad season but this Super Bowl betting run will make him a coach of the year candidate.

Another surprise Super Bowl betting contender with a coach under fire entering the season is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Jack Del Rio cleaned house after last year’s disaster of a season and it his made his team a possibility for Super Bowl betting. This was totally unexpected and a credit to Del Rio taking a chance of going another direction.

Denver has benefited from new head coach Josh McDaniels, who traded the one player that everyone thought to be indispensable; quarterback Jay Cutler.  Denver is now a surprise Super Bowl betting contender with new quarterback Kyle Orton while Cutler is having a terrible season for the Chicago Bears.

While everyone was thinking Pittsburgh in August right now there is a solid list of surprise values for Super Sunday.