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Super Bowl Bet - Colts and Saints Open as Chalks

Super Bowl bet future odds were posted and the Indianapolis Colts were the favorite to beat the odds to win Super Bowl followed by the New Orleans Saints.

Super Bowl bet handicappers saw Indianapolis open at +$110 as the AFC favorite while the Saints were the NFC favorite to beat the odds to win Super Bowl at +$125. The AFC’s number two seeded San Diego Chargers opened as the second Super Bowl bet choice in that conference at +$180 while the Minnesota Vikings were the second choice of the NFC to beat the odds to win Super Bowl at +$250.

The rest of the AFC futures for the Super Bowl betting line were the New England Patriots at +$550, the Baltimore Ravens at +$1200, the Cincinnati Bengals at $+1700, and the New York Jets at +$2000.

In the NFC the Super Bowl bet futures had the Dallas Cowboys at +$550, the Philadelphia Eagles at +$800, the Arizona Cardinals at +$900, and the Green Bay Packers at +$900.

The NFC far and away has the best parity and strongest lineup of Super Bowl bet contenders as it’s not hard to imagine any of its 6 playoff teams taking the field on Super Sunday.  The AFC is a top heavy conference with Super Bowl bet long shots such as the Jets that lack a real shot at the title.

The New England Patriots look like one of the better Super Bowl bet values as although they are not a favorite they have all the machinery to make a serious run.  Baltimore would also look like a decent Super Bowl bet value on the futures board as they have one of the best defenses in the league and were the AFC runner up last year.

The Saints faded so badly down the stretch with three straight losses that they might be a Super Bowl bet overlay.  Minnesota, in fact, is considered by many handicappers to be the legitimate favorite in the NFC.  You also cannot forget Dallas in the NFC, as they closed strong and have the best defense in the conference.