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Steelers Make Big Comeback Over Titans to Win

The Tennessee Titans were hoping to make a big upset bid on the Pittsburgh Steelers this Monday night in Nashville. The Titans were even in the lead for a good part of the day. However, the Steelers managed a comeback to win 27-24 as the Titans still covered the +7.5 spread.

The Steelers looked as though they were going to have an easy day as the Titans' first play from scrimmage, which came after a 49-yard Steelers field goal, was a 28-yard interception return for a touchdown by William Gay. The Titans came back on the next possession thanks in part to a face mask penalty on the Steelers' side. Bishop Sankey soon got nine yards on a touchdown run.

The Steelers spent seven minutes and 85 yards on a drive but Ben Roethlisberger had two straight incomplete passes to prompt a short field goal. The Titans had a similar situation on their next drive as Sankey was stopped just two yards from the end zone, thus requiring a field goal.

With less than a minute to go in the half, the Titans took a 17-13 lead with an 80-yard touchdown pass to Nate Washington. Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger brought the Titans to the end zone again in the third quarter with a touchdown pass to C Coffman.

The 11-point lead for the Titans didn't last long as Le'Veon Bell had a touchdown run to start the fourth. A threre-and-out for the Titans then led to a touchdown pass for the Steelers to Antonio Brown. The Titans then punted the ball away with seven minutes to go but the Steelers got five first downs to keep the ball away.

The 7-4 Steelers got 204 rushing yards off of Le'Veon Bell. Ben Roethlisberger was sacked five times by the 2-8 Titans. Also, the Titans could only get 49 rushing yards during the whole game.

The Steelers currently hold the second wild card in the AFC. They are .014 standings points behind the 6-3-1 Cincinnati Bengals for the lead in the AFC North division. The Titans are very close to being eliminated from playoff contention though.