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Sports Gambling - Vikings Owner expects Favre Return

Sports gambling handicappers are not alarmed that Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre is missing from camp as he is expected to be back for the online sports gambling regular season.

Sports gambling news from Viking camp included reassurances from owner Zygi Wilf that Favre will be the starting quarterback for the 2010 online sports gambling campaign.

“Right now, he’s the starting quarterback of our team,” said Wilf during a practice.  “So we’re in a good position.”

Favre has found a way to miss training camp for the third straight season.  He showed up late to Green Bay in 2008 after announcing his retirement months earlier and was dealt to the New York Jets.  Last year he was hanging around Mississippi until coming late to Viking camp.

Both Wilf and coach Brad Childress have allowed Favre plenty of time to relax and make his decision on whether or not to return.

“We did the same thing last year, and it turned out to be great for everyone,” said Wilf.  “I think the same approach of understanding who he is and that his decision is his and his family’s.  He’s our starting quarterback, and we look forward to having him this year.”

Favre has a $13 million deal waiting if he returns, which will certainly add to the incentive for him to come back for another title run.  The Vikings had a strong 2009 football betting run that ended in the NFC Championship Game at New Orleans where they gave the game away to the Saints with costly turnovers.

Minnesota is anxious to seal the deal this year.

Not everyone is happy with Favre’s indecision and milking his time off.  Further, it’s not as if Childress would run an old school training camp.  Favre would be coddled at camp and many believe he should at least be in uniform for the exhibition opener with the NFL preseason odds to show his teammates that he is dedicated to them and their goals for 2010.

The Vikings have a tough regular season sports gambling opener at New Orleans against the Saints and Favre will be needed at his best.

While Favre proved last year that he can play at a highly effective level without training camp it still sends a signal to fans and teammates that he is less than “all in” every day he spends at home while the Vikings practice.