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Sports Gambling - Campbell Has Fresh Start in Oakland

Sports gambling optimism is larger than you might expect for the online sports gambling prospects of the Oakland Raiders for the 2010 season.

Sports gambling handicappers like that Jason Campbell has replaced draft bust JaMarcus Russell as quarterback, which is one of the reasons for the online sports gambling optimism.

Campbell arrives from the Washington Redskins where he was a decent but never great quarterback.  Campbell does bring an aura of maturity and stability that Russell never did.  Beyond that, Campbell’s statistics, modest as they were, looked like a hall of famer’s in comparison to the horrible numbers put up by Russell.

Campbell’s arrival in Oakland signifies a new era for the Silver and Black as they attempt to regain their status as a football betting contender after not making the playoffs since their 2002 Super Bowl season that ended with a loss to Tampa Bay.

“I just want to get to a point where I enjoy it again and I’m having fun again because I’ve gone through so much that, at times, it was stressful, always having to go through these different loops and everything,” said the new Raider signal caller.

“I want to enjoy it and not just keep getting questioned so much, trying to keep your head up and going straight forward through all the changes.  It almost feels like I’ve been drafted all over again.”

Campbell was Washington’s first round draft pick in 2005 and has had to play under four different offensive coordinators in his pro career after playing for four different offensive coordinators during his college career at Auburn.

Campbell is known for a good work ethic, which is in stark contrast to Russell who was known for sloppy study habits and will go down as the biggest number one draft bust in NFL history, or at least since Ryan Leaf.

Oakland may be a long shot with the NFL preseason odds but Campbell’s teammates and coaches expect better things for 2010 as they are impressed with his professionalism, which has been contagious.

Oakland owner Al Davis is 81 and in less than perfect health.  He sees a short window for success and was aggressive in spending big money to improve Oakland’s roster and its sports gambling chances for 2010.  It was a blow to the owner that Russell was such a bust but with Campbell there is perhaps still time for one more title in Davis’ career.