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Sports Gambling - Bengals Add TO for Circus Corps

Sports gambling news from Cincinnati is often more about what happens off the field than the online sports gambling action taking place on the gridiron with the Bengals.

Sports gambling handicappers will have to consider the affect of Terrell Owens joining the Cincinnati Bengals for the 2010 online sports gambling season.

The Bengals already have one high profile receiver with a reputation for being a diva in Chad Ochocinco, (AKA the receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson).  Now Owens adds to the soap opera/circus mentality of Cincinnati, where discipline has always been a dicey issue.

With Owens and Ochocinco the Bengals have a football betting dilemma of just one football for two number one receivers with two over the top egos as well as two players with long records for speaking their mind and calling out quarterbacks when they are not getting the ball enough.

The signing of Owens will also put additional pressure on quarterback Carson Palmer, who will have to try and find a way to keep the two receivers happy and busy.

Owens is now 36 and was not nearly as productive last year with the Buffalo Bills.  Part of that can be explained by the fact that the Bills are bad and Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a top shelf quarterback.  Owens did have 55 catches last year for over 15.0 yards per reception and 5 touchdowns.

It must be added, however, that he led the NFL in dropped passes, which brings to mind his final season in Dallas where he also had multiple cases of the dropsy’s.  “TO” was signed for 1 year at a modest $2 million but that can double with incentives.

Ochocinco is 32 and known for a maturity level far less than his age.  A shameless self promoter, he will now have to share the ball, spotlight and stage with Owens.

The one positive that owner Mike Brown and coach Marvin Lewis can point to is that both receivers state that they want to win.  The affect of Owens and the Bengals overall board value with the NFL preseason odds remains as mystery, however.

The Bengals are developing the sports gambling reputation as a final home for malcontents, much like the Oakland Raiders of the 1960-80 era.  Brown describes himself as a “redeemer” but he may also want to add “Circus Promoter” to that title.