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Pro Football Playoffs Match Ups at Sports Gambling

Pro football playoffs seem to get better and better every year. For many years football playoffs could be slightly anti-climactic.

But now that parity reigns throughout the NFL the pro football playoffs have become one of the hottest tickets anywhere in sports. Pro football playoffs have long been a top attraction for sports bettors but there have been times in the past when the conferences were so unevenly matched that the Super Bowl, supposedly the crown jewel of the pro football playoffs system was a huge disappointment.

In the 1970’s for example the AFC ran wild over the NFC during the regular season, and aside from some very fiery pro football playoffs match ups in the run up to the Super Bowl, the grand finale tended to be one-sided blowouts.  In the late 80’s and 1990’s this trend in was reversed with the NFC coming out on top, but nonetheless, they were still one-sided events.

The NFC owned the 90’s Super Bowls and the only real drama in the pro football playoffs was the NFC Championship game which for many pro football playoffs fans served as the de facto Super Bowl.  But now that the era of free agency is in full swing parity is rampant in the regular season as well as in the football playoffs.

There are of course a few top teams every year, but for the most part have been a dogfight in the new millennium full of upsets and unpredictability. Take for example the past several Super Bowl champions, teams which no one expected to make a run through the pro football playoffs.

In 2006, the Pittsburgh Steelers shocked the world by burning through a tough field of AFC teams in the football playoffs.  In 2007, the Colts limped through the regular season winning just ten games and losing some very easy games only to get red hot and roll all the way to a Super Bowl win.

And this year, what team might play the upstart as the pro football playoffs draw to a conclusion?  Could it not be the New York Giants?  The past two Super Bowl champs had to go on a run late in the pro football playoff season and win games on the road just as the Giants have done this year in the playoffs.

The Pats haven’t played a single game on the road in the pro football playoffs this year and outside the friendly confines of Foxboro you never know what might happen.