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Football Playoffs at Sports Gambling

Football playoffs are perhaps the two best words in the English language for sports fans. When January rolls around it’s time for pro football playoffs.

Yet, unfortunately for college football fans no football playoffs yet exist and we are left to accept a make shift champion delivered by the faulty BCS computer system. Football playoffs have long been a hot topic among college football fans.  Since almost as far back as the advent of the game itself people have been openly speculating about the benefits of implementing a pro football playoffs system into the college game instead of relying so much on bowl games.

Anyone that has ever seen the pro football playoffs understands how much more complete this system of deciding a champion is compared to single bowl games that are decided upon based more on ticket sales than talent on the field. It is unquestionable that football playoffs at the college level would enhance the process tremendously.

There are of course purists who favor the current bowl system versus the football playoff system as they claim it places a great deal of importance on every single game.  One loss and your done they claim adds more drama to the regular season than a football playoffs system would.

But just look at this past football college season where most of the top ten teams had three losses and a team with two losses actually won the national title.  It’s quite obvious that the regular season was still important and that one loss was not the end of the road for many teams.

Pro football playoffs have worked marvelously throughout the years and would work marvelously at the college football level as well.  And what’s perhaps most galling about arguments against the college level are the fact that college football has had football playoffs for decades.  Granted, it’s been at the DI-AA level, but makes little difference.

The same exact setup could be transferred to the top tier of college football as well. Most football fans have seen the way to create extra excitement that is lacking during bowl season and it’s about time that college football tapped into that.

The pro football playoffs are best time of the season for the NFL and it’s unfair for college football fans that don’t also have this type of football playoffs excitement.