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Pro Bowl Bets Available Sunday at Sports Gambling

Pro Bowl bets for the AFC/NFC tilt from Hawaii on Sunday will focus on offense. Many gamblers will bet on pro bowl totals for good reason.

Pro Bowl bets are leaning towards the NFC but the over/under of 64.5 is an attractive way to bet on pro bowl action.  Pro Bowl bets on the over can start with the recent history of the Pro Bowl.

Last year when the NFC beat the AFC 42-30 the game would have easily cleared this year's total that you can bet on pro bowl action with.  And that has kept with a trend over the past few years.  Five of the last seven Pro Bowl bets that were available would have gone over this year's total over/under number.

In 2007 the AFC got by the NFC 31-28 in a relatively low scoring game.  2006 was even more moderate with a 23-17 NFC win.  But Pro Bowl bets on high scoring action have been the rule rather than the exception as the 2005 game proved with a 38-27 AFC win.

2004 was a total shootout as the NFC beat the AFC 55-52 in what was more like a NBA all star game than NFL Pro Bowl bets.  In 2003 the AFC beat the NFC 45-20 and in 2002 Pro Bowl bets were on yet another shootout as the AFC beat the NFC 38-30.

When you scan the Pro Bowl MVP list of recent years you find further evidence that Pro Bowl bets on the over can be an attractive way to go as you will not find a defensive player listed as a Pro Bowl MVP in any of those aforementioned games.

But as is always the case one must also consider the “contrarian” point of view with Pro Bowl bets.  The fact that so many gamblers will be looking to the over means that the number could very well be over-inflated and a poor value.

Plus, to clear such a high number requires offensive precision that is difficult to put together in less than one week.  The Pro Bowl can get sloppy at times and time can run out before such a big number is cleared. has all of your Pro Bowl action so be sure and sign up today!