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Philadelphia rumored to draft Carson Wentz (NFL)

Carson Wentz is one of the top two college quarterbacks. There’s a sports gambling chance that he might be the first player chosen when the National Football League draft takes place at the end of April. According to CBS Sports, the Philadelphia Eagles might move up so they can draft Wentz. The Los Angeles Rams shook everything up when they traded into the top spot and are now choosing first. They need a new quarterback, the lack of which was their biggest weakness last season. Their two best bets are California Bears Jared Goff and North Dakota State Bison Wentz. They have a couple of days left to decide which guy will be tasked with saving their franchise. There are conflicting reports about which way the Rams will go leaning, but many NFL betting pros feel Goff will be the first overall choice.

Given that they have such a poor track record with quarterbacks, the Cleveland Browns are expected to choose one with the second overall selection. The team gave up on Johnny Manziel after he gave them plenty of reasons to do so. Robert Griffin III was signed as a reclamation project but head coach Hue Jackson might not be comfortable with depending entirely on Griffin III. Aside from quarterback issues, the Cleveland Browns have other holes to fill. Management might be convinced to trade away the second overall selection if it means they can add a couple of more players that can produce immediate results. If the Philadelphia Eagles make an offer the Browns can’t refuse, then Cleveland has to be inclined to listen.

A big reason that the Philadelphia Eagles might be inclined to give away several assets is that they have been concerned about their quarterback position. Sam Bradford has to prove he’s the solution, even after signing a big contract not too long ago. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson forked over some money to bring Chase Daniels with him from the Kansas City Chiefs, but he’s not the long-term solution that Wentz might be. He didn’t play against the top talents in the NCAA because he went to a small school, but his skills are obvious to scouts, and NFL betting pros. Teams feel they can mold him into a quality player. Doug Pederson might feel that he can tutor Wentz into being a starter in the league.

The Eagles are looking to make a big impact. They’ve been associated with some big names. Some even have them working their way to getting Ezekiel Elliott to replace Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray. It is no surprise that the Eagles would be interested in Wentz. Besides sports gambling, few things are as exciting as the NFL Draft, the time of year where football fans and NFL betting pros get a renewed sense of enthusiasm and faith. After what transpired last year, Eagles fans hope management can turn the franchise around. Carson Wentz might make that happen.