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Online NFL Betting Draft at Sports Gambling

Online NFL betting fans are waiting one single event. With the Super Bowl over, NFL betting fans have about six months before a football game breaks out.

However, for most online NFL betting fans the next big event is the NFL draft. Online NFL betting fans are crazy about this event and its implications for the sport are huge. Every professional team sport generally has a draft of some sort but none comes close to the importance of the draft in this sport and online NFL betting fans are well aware of its significance. And so the question this year, as with every year that NFL betting fans are asking is “who will be the first player taken in the online NFL betting draft?”

No one will likely know the answer to this before the season begins but there is plenty of time to speculate and that’s exactly what online NFL betting fans will be doing for the next several weeks. The first player selected this year in the online NFL betting draft will depend on team needs.

The Miami Dolphins have the first pick in the draft and as every online NFL betting fan knows, they need help at every position, so that does little to narrow down this pressing NFL betting question.

However, the Dolphin’s new head honcho, Bill Parcells, is expected by many online NFL betting experts to trade away the pick and take quantity over quality. It’s a smart approach according to most online NFL experts as the Dolphins need an almost entirely new roster.

One of the likely trade partners would be the Dallas Cowboys, an NFL betting organization that the Big Tuna previously worked for. The Cowboys are said to be hot and heavy for Daren McFadden, hands down the best running back in the draft according to online NFL betting reports.

A trade seems likely to most NFL betting analysts but if that doesn’t happen the Dolphins would likely take the best player available. For many online NFL betting scouts that player is Glen Dorsey a mammoth D-lineman out of LSU.

This is definitely an area of need for the Dolphins but Parcells may not have enough confidence to build a franchise around him.

Another theory in online NFL betting circles is that the ‘Fins will draft Matt Ryan the top QB, according to many NFL betting scouts.In any case, things will probably not be settled for several more weeks and the NFL combine could monkey wrench everything.