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Odds NFL Preseason Week 2 Highlights

Odds NFL action for week two of the 2009 preseason has three nationally televised games to wager against the NFL odds with along with some other attractive matchups.

Odds NFL players should keep in mind that the previous week’s results against the preseason NFL odds should be taken into account as it will have intangible factors.  Week two of the preseason betting against the odds NFL will start Thursday August 20 and include a Fox TV game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

The Eagles will be coming off a home preseason game against the NFL odds versus the New England Patriots while the Colts will be in their second consecutive home preseason game against the odds NFL.

The veteran Colts have not been a good preseason value in recent seasons and this year figures to be no different although new head coach Jim Caldwell may alter Indy’s exhibition approach against the odds NFL somewhat.

Philadelphia, like Indianapolis, is a veteran team that has little to gain from going overboard in trying to beat the odds NFL.

Fox comes right back on Friday, August 21 with another nationally televised preseason game as the Dallas Cowboys play their first ever game in their new stadium as they will host the 2008 number one seed from the AFC in the Tennessee Titans.  This game may give Dallas the intangible advantage against the odds NFL.

With Dallas making their first appearance in their new stadium, even though its preseason, there is likely to be a more concerted effort to beat the odds NFL.  Plus the Cowboys and their fans have a very sour taste in their mouths from the 2008 collapse at the end of the season in which they blew the playoffs.

Tennessee has little incentive in this one against the odds NFL as a veteran team expected to contend for the AFC title.  Monday, August 24 will be an ESPN Monday Night broadcast as the New York Jets travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

Former long time Raven defensive coordinator Rex Ryan will make his “homecoming” as new head coach of the Jets, which may give them an intangible advantage.

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