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Odds NFL - Preseason 'Undertakers'

Odds NFL handicappers can often gain a solid edge in the preseason against the NFL odds by taking strong defensive teams under the total.

Odds NFL bettors know that it is difficult in preseason for offenses to get in to sync, especially against a top notch defensive team which makes playing the under against the NFL odds a good value.  There is no better defensive team against the odds NFL than the Pittsburgh Steelers, and in preseason gamblers can really take advantage of that against the NFL odds.

Pittsburgh has no problem shutting down the most powerful arsenals in the game against the odds NFL when they are playing full time, so it stands to reason that the Steel Curtain can really keep scores low in the odds NFL preseason when teams are frequently substituting and playing backups.

Last year just 1 out of Pittsburgh’s 4 preseason games went over the odds NFL total.  The Miami Dolphins had one of the most improve defensive units last year against the odds NFL and that started in the preseason.

Miami set the tone for their regular season resurgence and playoff berth as AFC east division champion based in large part on that defense.  The Dolphins went under the odds NFL total in all 4 preseason games last year.

The Baltimore Ravens rank right up with the Pittsburgh Steelers as far as their stellar defensive reputation against the odds NFL.  Baltimore also has a conservative offense that also keeps scores low.  The Ravens, with that powerhouse and deeply talented defensive roster went under the total in 3 out of 4 preseason games last year.

Along those same lines weak offensive teams are a good under bet in the preseason as they stand to only be worse due to all of that lineup shuffling that takes place in exhibition games.  The Buffalo Bills last year were a great example of that as they went under the total in 3 out of 4 preseason games.

The Oakland Raiders had one of the most inconsistent offenses in the NFL last year and that certainly came out in the preseason, where they went under in 3 out of 4 games.

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