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Odds NFL Playmakers and Those Who Enable Them

Odds NFL winning comes down to just a few big plays in most football gambling matchups. Coaches constantly talk of their need for “playmakers”.

Odds NFL handicapping success comes down to knowing which teams have playmakers and which do not, as well as which teams allow for playmakers and football gambling losses.  The Detroit Lions were the first team in the history of the NFL to go 0-16 straight up.  The Lions were also losers against the odds NFL as they went 7-9 against the spread as heavy underdogs for most of the 2008 football gambling season.

A big reason for Detroit’s lack of success against the odds NFL was that they were the worst team in the league in pass defense for the yards per attempt category as the Lions allowed almost 8 yards per pass attempt.

This was a clear indicator that they were a team that would give up big plays that change the momentum and the results against the odds NFL line.  The St. Louis Rams got the cash against the odds NFL in just 6 out of 16 games last year.

As you might have guessed the Rams gave up the big play consistently as they allowed 7.26 yards per pass to their opponents, which was 2nd worst in the NFL.  The Jacksonville Jaguars gushed red ink against the odds NFL line last year with just 4 payoffs out of 16 games played.

A big reason as to why was that the Jaguars ranked 3rd worst in the NFL as they allowed 7.26 yards per pass.  The Denver Broncos struggled against the big play last year as they allowed 7.02 yards per pass attempt.

It was not an accident that the Broncos could get the cash in just 4 out of 16 games against the odds NFL line as they simply allowed to many big plays to be a reliable betting commodity.

The Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs had near identical numbers to Denver in yards allowed per pass attempt and neither team showed a profit against the board last year, with Cleveland getting just 6 payoffs out of 16 games.  Learn who gives up the big plays and then learn to avoid them!

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