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Odds NFL Money Sacks

Odds NFL handicappers know of the fine line between winning and losing when it comes to football gambling. One play can make the difference and change momentum.

Odds NFL handicappers also know that few plays can impact a football gambling commodity more than a sack.  It’s a “big play” that can often turn a game around. The defending world champion Pittsburgh Steelers were 11-8 against the odds NFL line in regular and post season combined last year and a big reason as to why was that they had the best pass rush in the AFC with 51 sacks.

James Harrison was their football gambling leader in this category as he had 16 sacks against the odds NFL.  LaMarr Woodley was another asset against the odds NFL for the Steelers as he had 11.5 sacks.

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the odds NFL line in 10 out of 16 games and made the NFC championship game due in large part to a strong pass rush that could change momentum and help offset their inconsistent offense.  Philadelphia was 3rd in the NFL for sacks with a team total of 48.

Darren Howard led the Eagles with 10 sacks to be one of the true impact players against the odds NFL.  The Tennessee Titans were the most profitable team against the odds NFL last year as they covered 13 out of 16 games against the spread.

A big reason for Tennessee’s success against the odds NFL was their pass rush, which finished 2nd in the AFC behind only Pittsburgh with 44 sacks.  Albert Haynesworth was the Titan leader with 8.5 sacks.  The New York Giants got the cash in 12 out of 16 games despite being a chalk most of the time as the defending super bowl champions.

New York’s dynamic pass rush was as good of a reason as any for their success as the Giants totaled 42 sacks to rank 6th in the NFL.  Justin Tuck was a nightmare for opposing offensive lines as he totaled 12 sacks to lead Big Blue.

Sacks can inspire a team as well as demoralize those who allow them.  Few plays have such an impact as a sack.  It’s a good handicapping factor to track at all times for a sack full of money!

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