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Odds NFL Beaten With Kickoff Return Check

Odds NFL winners know that they can always turn a “bad beat” into a lucky football gambling payoff by finding teams that are great with the kicking game.

Odds NFL handicappers know that a game can be turned completely around with a great return and football gambling momentum can change with it.  It is interesting to note that some of the best and worst teams against the odds NFL in 2008 got their football gambling status from kickoff returns and defending them.

The top team against the odds NFL last year with kickoff returns was the Tennessee Titans, who averaged 25.4 yards per return.  It is not a coincidence that the Titans were also the top team in the regular season against the odds NFL as they got the cash in 13 out of 16 games.

Tennessee was led by Chris Carr, who averaged 28.1 yards per return last year.  Carr has moved on to Baltimore, which is a definite loss for Tennessee this year against the odds NFL.

One of the reasons that the New England Patriots were able to still contend for the post season and be profitable against the odds NFL last year despite missing quarterback Tom Brady was due to their superb kickoff return game which was ranked 3rd in the NFL with a 25.2 yards per return average.

Ellis Hobbs was the main spark for the Patriots return game as he averaged 28.5 yards per return and had 1 touchdown.  On the other side of the coin a great way to avoid “bad beats” is to have your money on a team that doesn’t give up big returns on kickoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up as world champions and 11-8 against the odds NFL line in the regular and post season combined because of their ability to contain kickoff returns.  The Steelers had a league best 19.1 yards per return allowed on kickoffs last year.

Compare that to the St. Louis Rams, who were on of the worst teams against the odds NFL line with a mark of 6-10 against the spread.  Last year St. Louis was dead last in kickoff return coverage as they allowed 26.2 yards per return.

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