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Odds NFL 2009 Preseason Week 3 Preview

Odds NFL action for the third week of the preseason will feature a whopping 5 nationally televised games to wager on NFL odds with.

Odds NFL fans will have five consecutive nights of prime time national TV football action to wager against the NFL odds with Thursday, August 27 through Monday, August 31.  The action against the odds NFL begins with that August 27 opener on Fox as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Miami Dolphins.

Tampa Bay will be a motivated team playing for a new head coach while the Dolphins are now established as a playoff contender against the NFL odds and may not bring the same intensity.  Friday, August 28 features a CBS game as the Washington Redskins host the New England Patriots against the odds NFL.

Washington was a solid preseason team last year and will be looking to re-establish a positive psyche while the Patriots, who were 0-4 against the odds NFL in preseason last year, again have little incentive.  Saturday, August 29 will be another CBS game as the Atlanta Falcons host the San Diego Chargers.

Both of these teams were in the playoffs last year and have little to gain from risking much against the odds NFL in this matchup but the third week of preseason is considered the most important and the Falcons will be wanting to show well at home.

San Diego, conversely, will want to see significant defensive improvement against the odds NFL.  Sunday, August 30 will feature a NBC game as the Denver Broncos host the Chicago Bears in one of the most interesting odds NFL preseason matchups of the year.

Jay Cutler will return to Denver as Bears QB to face the organization and coach that he had a most ugly break up with this past winter.  The week will wrap up with a Monday Night ESPN game to bet the odds NFL on as the Minnesota Vikings travel to Houston to face the Texans.

The big question for this one is whether or not Brett Favre will accompany Minnesota on the trip as their starting quarterback!

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