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NFL Odds - Mangini Survives to Fight Another Year

NFL odds handicappers and fans had totally given Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini up for dead last December as the team was gushing red ink with the NFL betting odds.

NFL odds players were stunned when the 1-11 Brown rallied to beat the NFL betting odds with straight up wins and covers in their final four games of 2009.

The strong finish convinced then incoming team president Mike Holmgren to retain Mangini has head coach.  Holmgren was impressed with how the team did not quit on the first year coach and how they fought all the way through the schedule despite being out of any hope for a playoff spot.

The Browns have gotten off to an impressive start in preseason as new veteran quarterback Jake Delhomme has looked rejuvenated after losing his job at Carolina last year.

With Holmgren, Delhomme, and Mangini leading the way Cleveland has a new and improved sense of direction and professionalism that is likely to be translated into profits and success with the NFL betting lines.

Holmgren was a successful head coach at Green Bay and later Seattle and arrives with the rumor mill already swirling that he will someday take Mangini’s job.  He insists he prefers for Mangini to be successful and remain the long term coach.

“My goal right now is to try and fix this and get it going in the right direction,” said Holmgren.  “I did it for a long time (NFL head coaching).  I’ve got to get through this year.”

One positive has been that Mangini and Holmgren get along well and Mangini is not afraid to ask for advice.

“He’ll offer suggestions but he’s not overbearing with it,” said Mangini.  “I don’t feel pressure to incorporate them because Mike made the suggestion; I want to incorporate them because I think that’s a really good idea.”

Cleveland actually covered the NFL lines 10 times last year which shows that Mangini kept them in most of the games.  Mangini will draw upon Holmgren’s past rebuilding jobs to take the Browns to the next level.

“Mike has been through these experiences,” said Mangini.  “The rebuilding experiences.  So when I talk to him it’s not trying to explain something foreign because he gets it.  That part of it is reassuring.”

While Holmgren wants to see an improved win loss record with the NFL odds he also said player development will be an important part of Mangini’s job and how he will be judged.