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NFL Odds - Leinart's Frustration Mounts

NFL odds handicappers remain skeptical about the second chance of Matt Leinart as the starting quarterback of the Cardinals and his ability to beat the NFL betting odds.

NFL odds preparation for Arizona took a potentially dramatic swing last week when Leinart was demoted to second string for preseason action with the NFL betting odds.

Derek Anderson, who arrived at Arizona after bombing out with the Cleveland Browns, was named the temporary starter.  Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt continued to grow frustrated with the inconsistency of the offense under Leinart’s leadership and was looking for a spark.

“I realize we’re not game planning,” said Whisenhunt.  “We’re not doing a lot so you’re going to have some of those situations more so than we’d like to have, but still that would be something we’d look to improve.”

Leinart did not take the demotion well.  He was hoping to resurrect a career that has been a flop since he lost the starting quarterback job to the now retired Kurt Warner.  Leinart arrived at Arizona as a highly touted first round draft pick and has not come close to living up to the hype.

“I’m frustrated and disappointed,” said Leinart.  “I’ve been efficient.  I’ve been accurate.  I haven’t turned the ball over.  I don’t know how we judge performance when you take 13 pass attempts to the other guy’s 40.”

Leinart has seen limited action with the NFL betting lines this preseason and was 10-13 in the first two games before the demotion but the majority of those passes were short range.  Neither Leinart or Anderson had the benefit of a productive running game as the entire Arizona offense was sluggish.

“I’m going to keep grinding and keep fighting,” said Leinart.  “Ultimately, I have to let my play do the talking.  I’m frustrated and disappointed.  I’m not really sure what’s being asked of me.”

Leinart was expecting to see more action in preseason as the heir apparent to Warner.  He still plans on starting in Arizona’s regular season opener with the NFL lines at St. Louis on September 12.

“I don’t make these decisions and sometimes you don’t know why decisions are made,” said Leinart.  “I still plan on starting opening week.”

Handicappers continue to be concerned about Arizona’s ability to beat the NFL odds without Warner as neither Leinart or Anderson is not on the same level as the retired future Hall of Famer.