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NFL Odds - Jaguars Looking to Survive

NFL odds handicappers were not at all pleased with the Jacksonville Jaguars and their 5-11 performance on the board with the NFL betting odds last year.

NFL odds have the Jaguars as a long shot to win the AFC but there is a lot more at stake for Jacksonville this season than mere wins and losses with the NFL betting odds.

The entire franchise is in peril as cash is short and attendance is thin.  Fans have become apathetic about the team and its current run of mediocrity and a winning season with a playoff push is what is needed for a solid jolt to save the team from a potential relocation.

Jacksonville actually entered December of last season in playoff position before collapsing in the season’s final month with 4 consecutive losses to finish 7-9 straight up.  The youthful roster was blamed for the downfall but that will not be an excuse in 2010.

Quarterback David Gerrard has been a point of contention with both fans and handicappers.  His work ethic and dedication have been questioned and said to be the blame for his inconsistent play.

He has commented on the empty stands and claims to now understand the importance of the season and what it means for the 15-year old franchise.

“The franchise is at a point where we’ve got to do something,” said Gerrard.  “It puts a little pressure on you but in a good way.  You know that you have a chance to turn things around and make it a big year.”

Head coach Jack Del Rio will enter the 2010 season with the NFL betting lines on one of the hottest seats in football.

“The two of us are tied together,” said Del Rio about Garrard and himself.  “We’re the ones who get wins and losses put by our name.”

Gerrard has turned up his own intensity and is now demanding more of his teammates as well as himself.

“This year, I wanted to make sure I voice my opinion more and was being heard when we were lifting weights, running, or going over plays on the field.”

Del Rio has led the Jaguars to just one playoff win with the NFL lines in 8 seasons on the job.

Del Rio is excited about the off field momentum that the front office created with a huge ticket sales push as well as 370+ community appearances by the team.  EverBank purchased naming rights to the stadium.  Now it’s up to the team to beat the NFL odds and keep the positive vibes going.