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NFL Odds - Big Frustration in Big D

NFL odds handicappers and Dallas Cowboys fans are getting closer to pushing the panic button as the preseason favorites with the NFL betting odds continue to struggle.

NFL odds may have the Cowboys as the clear choice to win the NFC and host the Super Bowl but their preseason results with the NFL betting odds have not reflected those expectations.

Dallas’ struggles continued last week in a poor 23-7 loss at Houston to a Texans team that is hoping to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.  Dallas’ offense has struggled throughout the preseason and may have hit rock bottom against the Texans.  Dallas could only manage 13 yards rushing in 12 attempts.

Starting quarterback Tony Romo was sacked twice and fumbled.  Dallas has not put together a sustained touchdown drive through 4 preseason games.

Romo believes that Dallas will be alright once the games begin to count with the NFL betting lines.

“It’s not just one person or anything like that,” said Romo.  “It is all of us.  It’s everybody.  But it’s correctable.  We all just need to execute better.  I don’t know how else to say it.”

When the Cowboys did move the ball inside the Houston 20 they committed turnovers both times.  While the old excuse about it being preseason is heard often patience is running thin with the regular season opener at Washington on September 12 fast approaching.

“We’re not ready for prime time yet,” said head coach Wade Phillips.  “We’re not ready for the first game, we can see that, and we’ve got to keep working.”

Phillips held a 15 minute closed door meeting with the team after the loss at Houston and lowered the boom on the team for its lack of polish and effort.

“He made some good points,” said offensive tackle Alex Barron.  “He said some things that we needed to hear.”

Phillips normally likes to rest the first unit starters in the preseason finale but this Thursday against Miami the starters may see action with the NFL lines.

“I’m not ruling out that we won’t play our guys,” said Phillips.  “We have to evaluate this.”

While Phillips normally prefers to keep starters fresh and protected for the regular season opener with the NFL odds he is very displeased with the lack of fire from his charges.

“Emotion is a lot of the game,” said Phillips.  “Flying around is a lot of the game.  I didn’t see a lot of that.”